Saturday, November 22, 2014

Neglect and revitalization plans

Welcome to my online smithy Red House Run Forge. As I proceed with new projects and find old ones, I will document it here.

Last week I finally moved all of my smithing gear to my new place and boy, do I have a lot of work ahead of me.

Today I straightened my driveway shop storage up a bit and started assessing the damage that months exposed have done to my homebuilt forge, anvil and my stock of scrap. I need to get this shop workable soon so I can bother the neighbors and make some steel move.

Wishlist: A post/leg Vise( I won't pay more than 75-100 bucks, but this is really slowing me down not having one,) a largeish belt sander (2") for dressing hammers and maybe some knifework, a real forge that isn't made of car parts, awning with a stovejack so I can forge in the rain, metal buckets for ashdump and watergate. 5 gallon style metal bucket for quench,

Project list: cut down my stump and mount the anvil, christmas gifts,  weld a hardy plug on my stage weight to use for square edges, derust everything, wrap the anvil with some chain to reduce ring, fast and dirty tool and hammer rack, mount minivise, covers for everything, clean stock rack, make an oil finish bath

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